May 172017

The Chairman of the ICMSA Farm & Rural Affairs Committee has urged all rural dwellers and visitors to rural areas to be extra vigilant over the next few weeks which tend to be a particularly busy period on Irish farms. Pat Rohan said that many farmyards will be a hive of activity with contractors and farmers under pressure to harvest silage as quickly as possible.

“It’s crucial that both farmers and contractors ensure all work is carried out in a safe environment and at no time should safety standards be relaxed. At the same time, we’d appeal to all other road users – and most particularly visitors to farming areas – to be aware of the dangers of increased agricultural traffic on rural roads and the need to slow down and “expect the unexpected” around the next corner, said Mr. Rohan.

“We all have to work and concentrate on ensuring that ‘Silage Safety’ is built-into the way we work over the next few weeks. We have to force ourselves to take our time and consciously minimise any chances of an accident or mishap. Remember: it’s a lot better to lose a minute in your life than lose your life in a minute”, he concluded.

Ends     17 May 2017

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