May 192017

Following the outcome of the Glanbia Ireland vote, the President of ICMSA said that a strong responsibility now falls on Glanbia Ireland to deliver for its milk suppliers and to vindicate the fate placed in it by Glanbia Co-op shareholders.

“Glanbia Ireland’s milk suppliers will judge its performance on the basis of a capacity to deliver a strong and competitive milk price to both creamery and liquid milk producers and also on the delivery of farm inputs at prices that are highly competitive with other suppliers in the Glanbia region. ICMSA will pay particular attention to the milk price being delivered in periods of a market downturn; we’d regard that a very significant and we’ll insist that it’s comparable with other processors in Ireland and that it does not rely on transfers or supports from Glanbia Co-op to make it competitive”, concluded Mr. Comer.

Ends      19 May 2017.

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