ICMSA welcomes change in social welfare rules to accommodate part-time work on farms

The Deputy President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, welcomed the measure and said that the availability of labour is fast becoming a critical challenge for Irish agriculture.  He said that ICMSA had met with the then Minister for Social Protection last May and highlighted the issues where casual or seasonal work overlapped with the complexities of the social welfare system.  “We pointed out the problematic areas of this ‘overlap' that must be addressed to facilitate temporary and permanent labour and we did specify the well publicised difficulties social welfare recipients experience when they try and reactivate their benefits after a period of seasonal work.  Minister Varadkar – as he was then - was emphatic that there was a real drive on within the Department of Social Protection to streamline that process of leaving the welfare system for a short period for seasonal work and then re-entering afterwards.  We also asked them to look at moving that part-time work stipulation for job-seekers allowance and see if it couldn't be moved to a number of hours each day as opposed to the three fixed days – that would certainly make the situation more attractive to people thinking about part-time work on a dairy farm, for instance”, said Mr. McCormack.

Ends    8 August 2017.

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