Sep 052017

Speaking after the EU Commission has published a list – which does not include Ireland – of the Member States permitted to make a 70% advance BPS/Greening payment, the Deputy President of ICMSA said the omission was not acceptable and he urged the Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine to revisit the matter with the Commission and insist that Ireland is added to the 10 Member States presently permitted to go ahead and make the 70% advance payment as and from 16 October.   Pat McCormack said that ‘difficult climatic conditions’ cited by the Commission as the reason for allowing the 10 specified states to proceed with advance payments could most certainly be applied to most of Ireland – and very particularly the Northern and border counties.

“ICMSA does not see how the kind of weather we’re experiencing all over Ireland over the last six to eight weeks is, in any respect, more farm-friendly or better than the weather they’re getting in Belgium that the Commission deems ‘difficult’ enough to warrant permitting 70% advance payments. The fact is that Ireland’s weather has been downright difficult for at least the last six weeks and just last week farmers in Donegal experienced a weather event described as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ wind and rain storm that did very serious structural and ground damage.  If that isn’t a difficult climatic condition then it’s difficult to know what is.  The Commission is apparently willing to consider adding two or three more States to the list of those eligible to make a larger advance payment and Minister Creed now needs to go to the Commission and convince them that the Irish situation is more than sufficiently serious to get us onto the list”, concluded Mr. McCormack.    

Ends       4 September 2017.

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