Oct 092017

While welcoming the decision of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine to allow farmers to spread slurry beyond the 15 October closing date, the President of ICMSA has said that the prioritisation for local authority inspection of those applying for such an extension is not right and grossly unfair and heaps additional pressure on those farmers already struggling with very adverse weather condition.

John Comer said that was understood at all levels that certain parts of the country have had particularly wet weather since mid-summer to a degree that had made normal farming practices almost impossible Mr. Comer said that two government departments concerned should just recognise this fact and allow farmers spread slurry without the implied threat of an inspection. He observed that the farmers who needed such a slurry spreading extension were under enough pressure as it is and prioritising them for inspection defeated the point of giving them some ‘breathing  space’ and the opportunity to farm themselves out of their current problems. The ICMSA President said that some degree of fairness and understanding was required and the departments should change the grossly unfair attitude this policy indicated.

Ends    9 October 2017.

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President, ICMSA.


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