Nov 012017

Commenting on the decision by the Department of Transport to immediately suspend the implementation of the S.I. governing certification and regulation  of so-called ‘fast’ tractors, the President of ICMSA welcomed the suspension and the commencement of a consultation process.  Mr. John Comer said that, on foot of the urgings of ICMSA and others, the Department seemed to have accepted the impractical nature of the changes mooted and he said that ICMSA would, as part of the stakeholder consultation process, happily work with the Department to come forward with a new S.I. that permitted farmers using T5 tractors for farming and agri-related matters to continue to do so.  Mr. Comer said that credit was due to the Department for the speed with which they had accepted the fully justified protests of farm organisations and moved to rectify the situation.

Ends      1 November 2017.

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