Nov 172017

Speaking from the National Farm Safety Conference organised by Teagasc and being held in Ennis, the President of ICMSA said that he was convinced that reminding farmers that their safety is their responsibility was the most effective way of raising awareness and lowering the accident and fatality rate that has Irish farmers ten times more likely to suffer a fatal work-related accident that any other occupation. John Comer, who chaired a session of the conference, said that farmers, in common with every other sector of society, had become comfortable with the idea that there was a social rather than personal responsibility and that this very pervasive idea had to be challenged when it came to farm safety and farm accidents.  Mr Comer said that the idea of a ‘social responsibility’ would be little use in trying to run a farm when seriously injured and he appealed to farmers to grasp the reality that their safety was their direct responsibility and that a farm-related accident had the greatest and most negative consequences for them and their families.

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