Dec 042017

The Chairperson of the ICMSA Farm & Rural Affairs Committee has welcomed the launch of the ‘Sustainability Support and Advisory Programme’ and said that the collaborative approach on which it is based should be the guiding principle for future schemes and initiatives. Pat Rohan said that the idea that commercial dairy farming and excellent water quality were somehow exclusive was absolutely bogus and that it was perfectly possible to have and maintain both, provided that fairness, consultation and equal standards were applied equally. Mr Rohan said that farmers were more conscious than anyone of the need to preserve the integrity of the environment, and that previous initiatives and interaction had been handicapped by the premise that had the farmers as some kind of obstacle in the way of environmental considerations.

“We have to work together and we are happy to go forward on the basis of the co-operation and collaboration we see in the Sustainability Support and advisory Programme. The idea here is to work with a joint purpose and not just penalties directed at one area of the problem”, he said.

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Chairperson, ICMSA Farm & Rural Affairs Committee 


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