Jan 312018

Commenting on reports that the EU Commission has upped its beef offers to Mercusor from 70,000 tonnes to 99,000 tonnes, the President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack said that this development is hugely worrying for all players in the Irish beef sector and in particular farmers’ given the export orientation of our industry and in the context of the upcoming Brexit which has the potential to do enormous damage to the Irish Agri-food sector.

Farmers, Mr. McCormack said, are simply fed up of the double standards being operated by the EU where our own farmers are inspected on all aspects of their business while at the same time offering additional access to the EU market for beef coming from factory type operations with far lower standards than EU produce.  The reality is that the EU family farm structure cannot compete with these factory corporates producing beef with much lower regulatory standards than our family farms and our Government must put a stop to these double standards.

It is essential at this stage that our Taoiseach and his relevant Ministers put forward their absolute strongest objections to this development and with like minded Member States block any agreement that gives any additional access to Mercusor beef to the EU market, concluded Mr. McCormack.

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