Jan 042018

The new President of ICMSA has identified what he described as the “the first two on Irish farming’s 2018 ‘To-Do’ list”, the questions that Pat McCormack said would “have to be faced and dealt with quickly and correctly”.

Mr. McCormack, the youngest ever President of the organisation, was elected without contest before Christmas, focussed first on the looming fodder shortage threatening many farms throughout the country but particularly afflicting northern and western districts. He said that it is already obvious that supports will have to be put in place to ensure that farmers can get additional fodder into affected areas at a reasonable cost or that concentrates can be subsidised for the farmers impacted. But he also cautioned that matters will be made considerably worse if the problems around shipping calves are not addressed and dealt with in a way that preserves this hugely important outlet and maintains prices. Mr. McCormack saw a link to the calving season – now only weeks away –  with over 1.5 million calves being born between now and the end of May, he noted how important it is that the shipping issue is resolved in advance of the calving season and that we have adequate capacity to get to our markets. He pointed out that any threat to that trade – coming on top of a fodder crisis – would compound an already negative situation and push stressed farms to the edge. These would be the two issues that ICMSA would want to see Minister Creed getting to grips with immediately, said the new President.  

Ends       4 January 2018.

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