Mar 012018

With a red alert issued for the entire country until tomorrow afternoon, the President of ICMSA has urged all farmers to take extra precautions prioritising their own safety, their families’ safety and also their neighbours.  Pat McCormack said that given the nature of the farming – an occupation on which you can’t simply turn off a switch – individuals will not be able to stay inside during the weather alert with cows having to be milked and calved, freezing pipes and associated problems and young stock having to be minded.

In those circumstances, Mr. McCormack said it is absolutely essential that farmers take extra precautions during this period, to reduce their workloads to the absolute minimum possible without compromising their own safety during what is likely to be very difficult period.  The ICMSA President concluded by asking people to contact elderly or vulnerable neighbours and ensure they are safe and well over the coming hours and render assistance if required.

Ends     1 March 2018.

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President, ICMSA.


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