Apr 162018

Commenting on the opening of the Chinese market to Irish beef, the President of ICMSA congratulated the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine and Bord Bia for their successful efforts but Pat McCormack said his association’s members – the farmer primary producers on whom our whole multi-billion Euro beef sector rested – would only judge the development a success if it added to farmer margins. Mr. McCormack said that though he was happy to acknowledge the enormous amount of work that had gone into this breakthrough it was vital that we remembered that the point of securing new markets was to benefit the people producing the actual food. There was, he noted, an onus on the Minister and the Department to look at the system and ensure that the new markets which should lead to an increased demand for cattle must, directly, lead to better prices and margins for the farmers producing that beef. New markets without better margins for the producers were ultimately of little benefit, he said, and ICMSA remained convinced that better margins within our system were very achievable.

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