Apr 052018

The President of ICMSA has said that it was, regrettably, simply a matter of fact, that the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine had been told over four weeks ago that unless there was a measurable improvement in the weather that permitted cows to be put out on or around Saint Patrick’s Day that plans would have to be drawn up immediately to facilitate the importation and transportation of appropriate amounts of fodder. Pat McCormack said that the idea that this crisis had arisen, somehow, ‘out of the blue’ was not tenable and the present situation had been completely foreseeable for at least three to four weeks. Nor had the overall situation been helped by the hopeless inadequacy of the Fodder Scheme rolled out earlier in the year which had obvious defects that, once again, had been repeatedly flagged to the Department and the Minister. The point for all to grasp, stated Mr. McCormack, was that we have to start from where we are now, and it was not too late for some meaningful signal from the Government that they understood the scale of the challenge looming in some of the country’s most important farming and food production areas and the speed with which the crisis is developing.   


Ends       5 April 2018.

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