May 182018

The deadline for derogation farmers to have 50% of slurry spread by the 15th June has now been extended to the 15th July which has been welcomed by ICMSA Farm and Rural Affairs Chairperson, Mr. Denis Drennan who commended both the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine and Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government for facilitating the extension.

ICMSA lobbied for this extension over the past few weeks as it became clear that farmers would find it impossible to meet this deadline.   The rule has been introduced to encourage derogation farmers to spread slurry early in the grass growing season in order to optimise grass growth and minimise ammonia emissions. “While we agree with the Department that we need to get slurry out early, it just wasn’t possible this Spring given the disastrous weather we have had” said Mr. Drennan.  “This extension will give us a chance to get slurry out after the first cut silage which will be vital to get the after-grass back up and growing”.

Ends    18 May 2018

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