May 112018

Speaking following the announcement by Lakelands Co-op of their decision to hold base milk for April milk, the Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee has said that the Co-op should be commended for their stance and acknowledged for this trend-setting milk price announcement that challenges other co-ops and processors to follow their lead. Ger Quain said that in the context of the earlier announcement by Ornua that their PPI was to remain constant there is now an undeniable stability back in the market and he said that farmer-suppliers would expect their Co-ops to follow the lead set by Lakelands in their forthcoming individual price announcements  

“Everyone knows that the milk price achieved over next two months will go long way to determining the overall performance of 2018 for dairy farmers and equally everyone knows the hardships being endured at farm level with sileage and concentrates costs likely to reach historical highs. The dairy markets have worked up some momentum in the last number of weeks and we’re particularly encouraged by the fact that Dutch dairy quotes for the Butter/SMP mix have increased over 6 cents per litre in the last month with WMP up 2 cents per litre in the same timeframe.  These indicators are very welcome but will take time to feed backwards to farmgate prices. In the meantime, prices are still under pressure and ICMSA is calling on Co-ops and processors to keep prices solid over the next two or three months and we repeat our conviction belief that it’s better for support to be shown through maintaining milk price than by support packages or other discretionary payments”, said Ger Quain.

Ends      11 May 2018.

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