May 142018

Commenting on the announcement by the Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation today that 50 permits will be issued for workers outside the EEA to work on dairy farms, the President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack while welcoming the decision said that it was a very small step on a matter that needs serious attention if we are to ensure the sustainable development of the Irish dairy sector going forward.

Meeting members across the country, there is a growing realisation on farmers, Mr. McCormack said, that the workload on farms particularly in the spring period has reached an unsustainable level and unless we develop a network of skilled operatives across the country to deal with this workload at critical times of the year, many farmers will simply not be able to continue with their current level of farming.   Farmers, Mr. McCormack said, are in an extremely difficult position where cow numbers have increased in order to generate a reasonable income but the workload has also increased considerably. 

Labour shortages on farms has become a major issue and certainly, measures must be taken to increase the level of available labour for dairy and other farm types, concluded Mr. McCormack.

ENDS          14 May 2018

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