Aug 032018

Speaking following the announcement of a contract for the provision of deer management services in the Wicklow region, the Chairperson of Wicklow ICMSA, Mr. Shane O’Loughlin welcomed the announcement and said that he hoped it would represent an important step in relation to the management of deer in Wicklow.

For many years, Wicklow ICMSA has campaigned for a management programme for the deer population which simply had gone out of control and it is welcome that this has been recognised and farmers will hope that this means that the deer population will be properly managed and controlled to minimise the impact on agriculture both from a disease and production perspective.

Individual farmers have paid a heavy price due to the growth in the deer population in Wicklow and they will judge this contract on the basis that the deer population is properly controlled and that the impact on agriculture is kept to an absolute minimum.   The contract is a welcome development, but its success will be judged on the actual outcome by farmers, concluded Mr. O’Loughlin.

ENDS    3 August 2018

Shane O’Loughlin is at (086) 8386031.

ICMSA Head Office: (061) 314677.