Aug 012018

Commenting on the Teagasc report which is estimating a 60% reduction in dairy farmer net margin in 2018, the President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack said, that he is not surprised on the projected reduction in dairy farmers income and stated that it presents a huge challenge not only for dairy farmers but also the other stakeholders in the sector to ensure that farmers can feed their animals this coming winter and remain financially viable.   In addition, it is very important to point out that the Teagasc report only reflects the economics of the situation and does not reflect the massive mental and physical pressures on farmers at present that also needs to be addressed.

It is clear, Mr. McCormack said, that farmers are currently in a hugely difficult position and the other links in the supply chain who make their living from farmers are going to have to step up to the mark in supporting them through what is likely to be an extremely difficult period.   In addition, the Government simply will have to act with initiatives to boost the availability of fodder supplies and ensure that markets are available at reasonable prices for surplus stock, that meat processors play their part in ensuring that farmers get a fair and reasonable price for their stock and that live exports are ramped up immediately.

Farmers are in an extremely difficult position and the other stakeholders and in particular the Government will simply have to act immediately to support farmers, concluded Mr. McCormack.


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