Jan 222019


Commenting on the joint Glanbia Royal A-Ware venture, ICMSA President, Pat McCormack, said that the announcement was significant and obviously marked a strategic decision on Glanbia’s part to diversify its product range into new cheese products aimed at continental customers and away from our traditional trade with UK customers.  “On the face of it, this is a recognition that whatever happens with Brexit – and our anxieties about it are very well know – that operations like Glanbia with a massive export business will have to look past our traditional markets and products and really actively look at new markets, greater concentration on continental markets, and developing the products preferred by those markets”,  said the Tipperary farmer.

“In terms of our members: the farmers producing the 450 million litres milk that’ll go into Belview and be turned into the new products, it’s no secret that we’ve had several differences of opinion with Glanbia about the way they arrive at farmer milk price, particularly when their price drifts below current per litre based on the Ornua PPI – as is the case right now.

But we do respect their commercial strategic sense and obviously wish them well in their venture with Royal A-Ware, while reminding them to always remember whose work it is that they’re ultimately building this €140 million facility on.  Farmer-suppliers will judge this investment on the basis of whether it does, or does not, return a stronger milk price to them and they’re absolutely correct to judge it on that basis”, said Mr. McCormack.  

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