Jun 172019

The President of ICMSA said that the targets for reduction in farming-related emission were very challenging but Pat McCormack said that farmers were – and would increasingly be seen – as part of the solution to this issue. He said that his own organisation accepted the need for change, and he urged the Government to fully support and underwrite the development of real renewable options that would make a critical contribution to our climate change commitments. Mr. McCormack said that the Government’s previous efforts on renewables had fallen short and had, in some cases, left farmers who had invested in equipment ‘high and dry’ when incentives and schemes were discontinued. That could not happen again, he said. The ICMSA leader said that farmers understood the extent of the challenge that they must help in meeting, but he wondered whether other links in the food supply-chain, or indeed the consumers, understood fully that changes envisaged will – and certainly should – mean higher food prices that reflect the additional costs of farming and food production.

“Farmers will play our part but it’s up to the Government to drive and incentivise the policies. That has to mean real support for renewables and carbon-mitigation efforts with the Government actively helping by giving farmers options and not just standing back while issuing targets, deadlines and penalties”, Mr. McCormack concluded.      

Ends      17 June 2019.

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