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ICMSA say “Window of Opportunity” for talks to resolve beef crisis


The President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack has said that a “window of opportunity” in relation to the beef crisis may have opened up that might allow progress to be made towards a solution that “everyone wants and needs”.  Mr. McCormack said that talks should be reconvened as soon as…

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Milk Policy

ICMSA will attend reconvened beef talks but call for last week’s ‘spec proposal’ to be implemented immediately


Citing the huge concern amongst farmers on the question of beef prices, the President of ICMSA has indicated that his association would be willing to be part of the reconvened beef talks. Mr. Pat McCormack said that against the looming threat of Brexit and very poor beef prices, farmer frustrations…

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ICMSA say results of talks will not lead to price rise “but some positive developments”


Commenting on the conclusion of the beef crisis talks, the President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, said that while he was very disappointed that there was no positive news in relation to the price of beef arising from the talks, he did welcome a number of technical changes that have the…

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ICMSA say difference between top and bottom 2019 milk prices already over €8000 “so far”


Following the latest announcements of July milk prices, ICMSA’s Dairy Committee Chairperson, Ger Quain, has stated that he believes that there is now a two-tier milk price system at play in the Irish market. The prices announced for the month of July have made this very obvious as there is…

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Energy and Rural Business Show logo

Leading renewable energy show returns with dedicated farm diversification advice 


Energy Now Expo Ireland is boosting its offering by including a Rural Business Expo, to showcase expert farm diversification advice. The pioneering event for farmers and landowners has announced that it’s rebranding as ‘Energy and Rural Business Show Ireland’. Run in association with Teagasc, and various farming organisations and taking…

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NEWS: “No-one asking the Minister to ‘set’ beef prices


“No-one asking the Minister to ‘set’ beef prices – but he must review “utterly dysfunctional” beef trade

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NEWS: ICMSA reiterate that Eradication must be focus of TB Programme


The Deputy President of ICMSA has reiterated his organisation’s determination to keep the focus on eradicating TB and he expressed concern about what he described as “repeated efforts” to move away from that primary focus.

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NEWS: Mercosur


– The goalposts weren’t ‘moved’, they’ve been burned One of the complaints that you’ll hear most commonly cited by farmers is that ‘the goalposts have been moved’. This refers to the practice of changing regulations, requirements, targets or stipulations of a policy or ambition after those have been set and…

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NEWS: ICMSA question idea that retailers make no profit on beef


The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Livestock Committee has said that farmers would be “very sceptical indeed” of Professor Damien McLoughlin’s belief that retailers and processors were operating on wafer-thin margins or no margins at all where beef is being used to generate retail footfall.

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NEWS: ICMSA Welcome Agriculture Oireachtas Committee Report


– “Must Not Gather Dust” Speaking following the publication of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture, Food & Marine report’s on “The future of the Beef Sector in the context of Food Wise 2025”, the President of ICMSA welcomed the report and said that it contained some useful recommendations that…

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