Apr 042018
Comprehensive and Immediate Response Needed On Fodder Crisis -  ICMSA

With heavy rains forecast for the coming days, the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine needs to come forward with a comprehensive set of proposals to address the escalating fodder situation on farms across the country and the response needs to be immediate, according to Mr. Pat McCormack, President of ICMSA. Unfortunately, the situation is […read more…]

Apr 032018
Immediate Action Needed From Minister on Fodder Crisis  -  ICMSA

There is a very serious and growing fodder crisis building up in all parts of the country due to factors completely outside the control of the farmers in question and the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine must immediately step in with a series of initiatives to help the farmers in question through this crisis […read more…]

Mar 162018
ICMSA highlight farmers’ reward for working through Storm  Emma: “We won’t be sued for clearing the roads and our  milk price is cut by 3 cents/L

The President of ICMSA said that the week had been very interesting in the way it showed how different sectors of Irish society were viewed and how their work was evaluated. Pat McCormack said many will have been struck by the demands of some organisations that the work carried out by their members during Storm Emma […read more…]