Aug 072018
Banks Need To Support Farmers During Current Difficulties - ICMSA

With farmers under serious pressure due to the physical, mental and financial pressures of the current drought conditions preceded by nine very wet months, the Chairperson of ICMSA’s Farm Business Committee, Mr. Shane O’Loughlin said, that our banks need to match their public expressions of support with concrete actions of support for their customers. Mr. […read more…]

Aug 072018
PPI Should Be Minimum Price For July Milk.  -  ICMSA.

Given the pressures on dairy farmers and the expected substantial reduction in farm incomes in 2018 along with massive feed and fertiliser bills associated with the adverse weather conditions over the last year, the payment of the maximum possible milk price for July is absolutely essential and never more needed according to Mr. Gerald Quain, […read more…]

Aug 032018
Dairy Farmers Facing €800m Financial Hit in 2018.  -  ICMSA.

  Based on the Teagasc mid-year farm income assessment, Irish dairy farmers are facing an €800m income hit in 2018 according to Mr. Pat McCormack, President of ICMSA who added that the situation could get even worse depending on weather conditions between now and next April and this is the dairy sector alone and does […read more…]