Mar 012018
Farmers will have to keep working must take extra precautions

With a red alert issued for the entire country until tomorrow afternoon, the President of ICMSA has urged all farmers to take extra precautions prioritising their own safety, their families’ safety and also their neighbours.  Pat McCormack said that given the nature of the farming – an occupation on which you can’t simply turn off a […read more…]

Feb 202018
ICMSA say EirGrid calculations on Pylons-versus-Underground Interconnector are “simplistic and obsolete”

Commenting after a North-South Interconnector meeting held in Monaghan, Cavan farmer and Deputy President of ICMSA, Lorcan McCabe, repeated his association’s position that the landowners concerned cannot be coerced into having pylons and the associated works involved on their land. Lorcan McCabe said that the public of the North East have resisted this proposal for […read more…]