Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme (SBLAS)




The SBLAS has been developed in response to the demands of the marketplace. There is an increasing demand from purchasers of Irish meat products for proof that the meat is produced sustainably on farms that are certified members of an accredited Quality Assurance Scheme which is based on sustainability principles incorporating environmental, social and economic aspects.

Irish beef farms already produce meat sustainably according to a European Union (EU) survey. This survey reported that Ireland has the 5th lowest carbon footprint for beef in the EU (27 countries) and also performs favourably in relation to lamb. Through measurement and analysis the SBLAS will demonstrate the sustainability of Irish beef and lamb farming at individual farm level and provide constructive feedback to farmers to help them with decision making aimed at improving their sustainability performance.

The primary objectives of the Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme are:

  • To demonstrate to customers that quality beef and lamb are produced sustainably under an accredited Scheme;
  • To provide a uniform mechanism for recording and monitoring: - quality assurance criteria, and - sustainability criteria for beef and sheep farms;
  • To set out the criteria for best practice in Irish beef and lamb farming, and
  • To provide an on-going means of demonstrating best practice at farmer level.