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ICMSA say reductions in farm emissions achieved without ‘meaningful Government support’
Speaking in response to the latest EPA annual report on Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the President of ICMSA, Denis Drennan, said that the reduction in overall emissions was welcome and he ...

New Interactive Milk Price Tracker

ICMSA has launched the first ‘interactive’ monthly milk price comparison tool that allows dairy farmers to input their individual milk volumes, constituents and quality results and see – at the touch of a button – what they would have been paid for the same supply by every other milk processor in Ireland.


ICMSA – Structure, Mission, Heritage & Passion


ICMSA has represented farm families from all over Ireland at local, national, and European level with diligence, passion, integrity, and an emphasis on finding solutions to their farm-related problems for nearly 75 years. That emphasis on actively coming forward with solutions is what has distinguished the association from inception: we do not accept that protesting or obstructing is enough, we believe that problems must be identified and analysed from the farmer- point-of-view till a workable solution can be found and then proposed. ICMSA is the recognised as having a special expertise and heritage in family dairy farms – and we are hugely proud of that record. Maintaining that record means that we will always focus on farm incomes and how those can be maximised.


ICMSA is a democratic, non-denominational, non-political body with 27 local executives in all counties (Cork has two on grounds of size).  Members are active at local, regional, and national level, putting in every effort to promote the interests and welfare of farm families and the agricultural sector.


Our structure enables farmer members to voice their opinion at Area level, which then leads to those opinions and positions being expressed at Regional level and on to National Council and Committees. ICMSA is structurally – and almost literally – a ‘Grassroots’ organisation where mandates and opinions come from the ground upwards before being formed into policy proposals and put to other stakeholders and organisations.


The day-to-day affairs of ICMSA are managed by the General Secretary who reports to the Executive Committee, which is chaired by the President of the Association. The Executive Committee meets monthly according to the Rules of the Association.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits: 


ICMSA members have access to and qualify for a range of savings and discounts across an array of services and purchases. Whether it’s Insurance, DIY & House Repairs, Hotels, Healthcare, Business Equipment, Farm tech or even Irish Ferries, ICMSA members can avail of significant discounts and savings that leave more money in their pocket. We are expanding this range all the time and as the list of participating companies grows, so will your opportunity to save.

Milk Price
ICMSA News and events

News & Events

ICMSA keeps members updated on the latest news and events—both in farming and agriculture—and how these impact farmers, socially and economically.

Farm Policy

Farm Issues & Farm Policies


As the issues facing Irish family farms change then ICMSA’s response has to change. Policy within the Association is formed at Committee and National Council level, having been referred upwards by the local executives. Specific problems are addressed by specific solutions that are debated and tested before being proposed. The Association is very proud and conscious of its heritage as a solutions-orientated body that does not just criticise flaws and defects but comes forward with practical and implementable solutions. All of our solutions have as their stating position the welfare and income of our family farm members.  That’s where every ICMSA policy starts and finishes and while the problems may change, that particular focus never will.

Farm Policy
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