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ICMSA say farmers supplying 400,000L to Lakelands on course to see 2023 income drop by €48,000.
The President of ICMSA has described the cuts in milk price announced since the start of the year as “absolutely horrendous” and noted that for a farmer supplying 400,000 litres ...

New Interactive Milk Price Tracker

ICMSA has launched the first ‘interactive’ monthly milk price comparison tool that allows dairy farmers to input their individual milk volumes, constituents and quality results and see – at the touch of a button – what they would have been paid for the same supply by every other milk processor in Ireland.

President of ICMSA

Who are the ICMSA?

ICMSA is a national independent group overlooked by an annually differing council, established to tackle reducing milk prices and the effect on local creamery milk suppliers.


It is a non-denominational, non-political, democratic association representing creamery milk suppliers at local, county, national and European levels, in defending the rights of farm families.

Membership Benefits

Membership includes many benefits, including discounts from hundreds of well-known brands and retailers; such as CIRCLE K, HALFORDS, TESCO, SHAWS, and many, many more.


ICMSA provides help with personal problems, such as insurance, legal issues, and employment. It establishes connections with the European Milk Board (EMB).

Milk Price
ICMSA News and events

News & Events

ICMSA keeps members updated on the latest news and events—both in farming and agriculture—and how these impact farmers, socially and economically.

Farm Policy

The agriculture industry faces continuously changing markets with external and internal forces compelling those involved in the industry to adapt to the ever-altering scenarios.


Milk production in Ireland rose 50% since the removal of milk quotas in 2015. The milk output increased in 2018 by 4% and was expected to increase again during 2019. ICMSA improves income of beef, sheep and dairy farmers.

Farm Policy
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