Farmers rely on the land as their resourse as one of their factors of productions and are keepers of the sustainable environment that Ireland places such pride on an international perpective
ICMSA believe environmental issues are critically important within the context of national legislation to accommodate the changes that will be required for Ireland to meet its obligations regarding internationally binding commitments. The crucial concept should be that climate mitigation policies and actions should not undermine sustainable food production.
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ICMSA believe that balancing the environmental objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the economic and social objective of promoting the sustainable development of the rural economy is critical and the climate efficiency of Irish agriculture must be recognised.Sustainability is a key approach that should be the real focus form an environmental point of view. Sustainability includes economics, social, and the environment.

Water Framework Directive (WFD)

A key part of environmental sustainability is the The Water Framework Directive (WFD) that mandates EU member states to achieve good status across all surface waters. Please see the water quality section of our website for more details
Climate change has been predicted to have significant impacts on agricultural productivity at global level and Ireland will no doubt have to adjust to this new reality. The effects of climate change will primarily influence agriculture through weather patterns, disease and ultimately ecomomic susatainability.
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Water Quality