Total production of Irish beef in 2018 to 633,000 tonnes according to the latest Export Performance Report from Bord Bia.
579,000 tonnes (excluding offal) of beef was exported in 2018 with a total value of €2.32bn.
The total value of beef exports, including offal, was just over €2.5bn, Overall, Irish cattle supplies rose by almost 60,000 in 2018, higher throughput figures were consistently recorded throughout the year for both prime cattle and cows.

Our Role

Irish sheepmeat exports for 2018 are estimated at 55,800 tonnes, total sheep slaughterings of 3.23m head led to an overall value of Irish exports standing at €315m.
The scale of output outlined above shows the value of the Beef and Lamb Industry to the Irish Economy cannot be overstated given its influance in every parish in Ireland.
CMSA are deadicated to implementing polices that improve income to dairy, beef and sheep farmers through CAP , market returns (QPS Grid), market specifications and unfair trading practices.
Through this we have formulated our objectives for the Beef Grid as follows:

Beef Grid Objectives 2019

1. All animals from quality assured farms should receive the quality assurance bonus.
2. The beef grid needs to be simplified to 25-30 grades. Agents and farmers alike should be able to confidently and accurately grade animals in the field prior to slaughter.
3. The base price should be moved from R3 to O3=.
4. Penalties on fat score should not apply on cattle graded 4+ or less.
5. Carcasses are graded twice – the best grade should be used when determining price
6. Live weight immediately prior to slaughter should be measured. This is useful for farmers but also has the potential to be valuable data for beef breeding.
7. The carcass should still when image is taken. Swaying carcasses are likely to give misleading grades.
8. Images for every carcass slaughter should be readily available to the seller. An independent appeals committee should be set up to settle claims where sellers are unhappy with price received.
9. There should be no penalties on price received based on breed.
10. A review of prices paid based on conformation is needed to reflect market preferences.
11. The cull cow is a valuable carcass not a by product. Her true value must be reflected in the price the farmer receives.
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