Animal Health

There are many issues facing farming in Ireland and one of the most important at farm level is Animal Health.
‘Healthy animals’ leads to ‘healthy profits’. Maintaining a healthy herd and keeping infectious diseases outside the farm gate has to be the first priority of all farmers. Having the proper biosecurity measures in place will go long a way to achieving this.
Recognising the common diseases of cattle and how they can be prevented is an important skill that farmers need to have. Prevention is always more desirable as it works out less expensive in the long term and lowers the impact on future animal performance.
From Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and the likely impact on animal husbandry practices, Cost Sharing and Risk Sharing of the Cost of Animal Disease, Animal Health, Disease Control Monitoring and Compliance, there are many distinct animal health issues that affect farmers on a daily basis.
In this context it important to look at all this disease and issues separately within the context of improving both human and animal health while adhering to the highest possible animal welfare standard.
Health issues often come to the fore around lameness, animal welfare, calving and calf health. Following a good strategic perspective is vital for good AHI on a farm. 

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