ICMSA President

Executive Committee

ICMSA President,Pat Mc Cormack Chairs the Executive Committee which is Responsible for the Finances of Organisation, Policy Decisions, Expenditure and general Management. Meeting monthly, the Executive make the main decisions for the Organisation.

The Committee is made up of 10 members,including President and Deputy across the four ICMSA region and are elected on a three year term by the National Council.

Dairy Committee

The Dairy Committee is constantly striving for a fair milk price that justifies world market returns to ensure that dairy farmers are rightly rewarded for their quality product. The committee monitor’s milk and product prices to maximise milk price for our members when lobbying milk processors and purchasers.

Gerald Quain is our Dairy Chairperson, elected for his first three year term in 2015, Ger got re-elected in December 2018 for another three years. Gerald farms on the Limerick border in Craggaun with his son. Please click here for members of the Dairy Committee

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Farm and Rural Affairs Committee

The Farm and Rural Affairs Committee deals with numerous different issues affecting farmers. These include Water Services, Nitrate Regulations, Environment Issues and Climate Change. ICMSA monitor activities in all these areas with a view to practical implementation for our members. Denis Drennan is the Chairperson of the Farm and Rural Affairs Committee (pictured above left). Denis farms in Maddoxtown, Kilkeeny and was elected Chairperson in December 2017. Please see here for members of the Committee.

Farm Business Committee

The Farm Business Committee focuses on all Finance relating to Agriculture. Some topics include Budgets & Income Tax, Succession, Incorporation, Banking and Finance Issues including Vulture funds. Each year the Farm Business Committee summits a Pre- Budget Submission to the Dept. of Finance outlining the various measures needed to upkeep the competitiveness of Irish Agriculture.

Shane O'Loughlin is Chairperson of the Farm Business Committee having been elected in December 2017. Shane farms in Aughrim, Co. Wicklow. Please click here to see the members of the Farm Business Committee

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Livestock Committee:

The Livestock Committee focuses on the following issues: Monitoring prices paid in the UK, Europe and most importantly in Ireland to ensure a fair price is returned for our quality product. To continually develop policy and keep abreast of current policy issues is a key focus.

The committee also focuses on Animal Health to maintain the highest level of quality by reducing and eradicating on farm diseases such as BVD, TB and Brucellosis. Des Morrison (pictured above left) is the Chairperson of the Livestock Committee having been elected in December 2017. Des farms in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo. Please click here to see members of the Livestock Committee.