Feb 232015

The President of ICMSA has criticised the ending of several rural bus services and said resentment is building rapidly in rural areas at what he called the relentless and intensive stripping-out of services that had taken several decades to put in place. John Comer said that it was deeply ironic to hear so much concern […read more…]

Feb 182015

Commenting on the decision of GIIL to hold milk price to 30.5 cents per litre for the first three months of 2015, Pat McCormack, Deputy President of ICMSA, said that the decision was further evidence of a resurgence in dairy markets and he called on all other processors and co-ops to immediately follow suit and thus underline […read more…]

Feb 062015

A key driver in the recent dairy markets surge has been the role played by currency movements with the Euro-Dollar exchange rate at its lowest point in five years and the continuing weakening of the Euro is having a significant ongoing effect on products quoted and sold in US dollars and Sterling.   The ICMSA Deputy […read more…]