Jan 182017
ICMSA criticise HSE official’s “casual slur against farm families”

  Speaking on the report carried in today’s Irish Times that ‘farming families’ were deliberately keeping elderly relatives in public hospital to avoid having to engage with the ‘Fair Deal’ scheme and make contributions towards the cost of nursing home care, the President of ICMSA, John Comer, said the allegations were serious and the fact that […read more…]

Jan 102017
Commissioner Hogan taken to task for “contradictory” linking of Farm Safety and Cross Compliance

The President of ICMSA has described as “seemingly contradictory” and opinions expressed by Commissioner Hogan on the possible linking of farm safety and Cross Compliance.  John Comer was referring to reports in the Irish Independent quoting Commissioner Hogan as stating that ‘it is time to consider including farm safety in cross-compliance regime to help preserve […read more…]