May 172017
ICMSA appeal for ‘Silage Safety’ during busy period

The Chairman of the ICMSA Farm & Rural Affairs Committee has urged all rural dwellers and visitors to rural areas to be extra vigilant over the next few weeks which tend to be a particularly busy period on Irish farms. Pat Rohan said that many farmyards will be a hive of activity with contractors and farmers […read more…]

May 162017
ICMSA criticise as “self-centred” call by French farm leader for ‘Hard’ border between Republic and Northern Ireland

The President of ICMSA has described the call made by a French farm leader for a ‘hard’ border between Northern Ireland and the Republic as “disappointingly self-centred”.  Mr. John Comer was reacting to comments by Christophe Hillairet, a council member of COPA and the leader of an influential regional French farmers association, in which Mon. […read more…]