Jun 272017
ICMSA Says “Decisive” US Ban On Brazilian Beef Imports Makes “Stark Contrast” With EU Pussyfooting

  The Chairperson of ICMSA Livestock Committee has noted the “stark contrast” between the US ban on imported Brazilian Beef announced days ago and with what he called the “pussyfooting” that had characterised the EU’s response to the most recent certification and safety scandal in the Brazilian beef sector.  Michael Guinan said that Irish farmers […read more…]

Jun 152017
ICMSA welcome European Court of Justice Decision That Only Real Dairy Foods Can Be Described As ‘Milk’, ‘Cheese’ and ‘Butter’

The President of ICMSA has welcomed yesterday’s decision by the European Court of Justice ruling that effectively only genuine dairy-derived food products can be described as ‘Milk’, ‘Cheese’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Yoghurt’ John Comer said it had been self-evidently wrong that products that contained not a trace of milk were being marketed in this disingenuous way. […read more…]