Feb 102016

ICMSA President, John Comer, was dismissive of the attention and focus that all parties have given to the problems currently confronting both the farming community and the wider rural sector.  Mr Comer said that there was no sign whatsoever that any candidates, including those from the main parties, even understood the problems much less had […read more…]

Feb 082016

Reacting to the new TB compensation arrangements after a further meeting with Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine officials, the ICMSA Deputy President, Mr. Pat McCormack, said that the improvements to the TB Income Supplement Scheme and the inclusion of dairy farmers in the Hardship Scheme need to be introduced with immediate effect as any delay […read more…]

Feb 042016

ICMSA has appealed to the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine, Mr. Simon Coveney, to recognise that the arrangements for the upcoming payment of 2015 superlevy need to mirror the current difficulty in the dairy market and that as much flexibility as is possible must be extended to already very hard-pressed dairy farmers.    Mr. Gerald […read more…]