Jul 122019
Co-ops below PPI must increase their milk price - ICMSA.

Commenting on developments in milk price, Mr. Gerald Quain, Chairperson of ICMSA Dairy Committee has stated that the milk price being paid to Irish dairy farmers remains behind market returns and Co-ops need to increase milk price to at least reflect the Ornua PPI.   Every 1 cent below market returns represents a loss of €80m […read more…]

Jul 112019
Dairy Farmers Producing Beef Must Be Eligible For Brexit Beef Fund

Speaking after meeting the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine on the Brexit beef fund, ICMSA has repeated its contention that the €100 million Beef Brexit Fund must be distributed to all farmers who incurred losses in beef production and ICMSA President, Mr. Pat McCormack rejected “absolutely” the Department proposal to completely exclude dairy farmers from […read more…]

Jul 102019
Dáil must vote down Mercosur deal - ICMSA

Speaking in advance of the  proposed vote on the Mercosur deal to be held in the Dáil this week, the President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack said, that the Mercosur agreement if implemented in its current form will do irreparable damage to the Irish model of farming which is the family farm structure and in particular […read more…]

Jul 092019
Commissioner Hogan Must Focus On Key Challenges  Facing EU Farmers.  -  ICMSA.

Commenting on the re-appointment of Phil Hogan as Ireland’s EU Commissioner, the President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack said, that whatever portfolio Commissioner Hogan receives in the new EU Commission, he must ensure that the key challenges faced by EU farmers and in particular Brexit, Mercusor, Climate Change and CAP Post 2020 become central priorities […read more…]