Farmers With Unmanageable Debt Told There IS A Possible Solution

Farmers struggling with unmanageable farm debt or mortgage arrears have been told that there is a possible solution and invited to take part in a private virtual webinar to be held on Thursday, January 14.  The team of restructuring expert, Gary Digney, of accountants PKF-FPM and barrister, Keith Farry, who have recorded several high-profile judgement and decisions against so-called ‘Vulture Funds’ will explain their approach and outline the fundamentals of a recourse that is being seen as giving much more positive options to farmers in these invidious positions. The event is being administered by ICMSA and will be chaired by that association’s President, Pat McCormack, who said that ICMSA has always been convinced that legal outcomes that left indebted farmers in possession of their lands and in a position to work their way out of the debt had to be the preferred solution.  Mr McCormack said that ICMSA supported the Digney-Farry approach and he urged any farmers in this stressed situation to email and register in advance of next week’s event which will be private so as to not breach the confidentiality of participants.  

Ends      6 January 2021

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