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ICMSA describe An Taisce decision as “regrettable” and “agency over-reach”

The President of ICMSA has described the decision by An Taisce to seek leave to appeal the High Court ruling on the proposed Belview plant to the Supreme Court as regrettable and as clear-cut a case of agency overreach as it would be possible to imagine.

Pat McCormack said that several agencies – all at least as qualified as An Taisce and no less dedicated to dealing with sustainability – had already looked at the Belview proposal and adjudged it possible to go ahead in accordance with our programme for transitioning our dairy sector to a more sustainable basis.  Mr. McCormack said that the implication in the decision to seek leave to appeal the High Court ruling was that none of those other agencies or bodies understood the challenge or their remits to the same degree that An Taisce did.   He said that with all due respect, ICMSA could not accept that.

Mr. McCormack said that we all had to work within the parameters of a national strategy that was already underway and had to be given time to work.   He concluded by saying that the Belview proposal is a progressive sustainable proposal and it should be allowed to proceed as soon as possible.

Ends     9 August 2021

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