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Difference of up to €1000 in August milk cheque for 80 cow-herd between top paying Co-ops and others


The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee said that he was not sure that everyone appreciated the kind of difference that existed between the top and bottom paying Co-ops and how that translated into what Gerald Quain said was “serious money”. “The ‘Rule of Thumb’ that we’d work off is that…

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ICMSA say opportunity to get PGI for 70% of grass-fed Irish Beef “should be siezed”


    Against the background of Covid-19. Brexit and a potential Mercusor agreement, the Irish beef sector has an opportunity to take a positive step forward by submitting a PGI application for Irish Grass Fed Beef under which 70% of Irish beef – including dairy beef – would qualify. But…

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ICMSA meet Minister McConalogue and encouraged by his “energy and command of the brief”


After his first meeting with Minister McConalogue this afternoon, the President of ICMSA said that he was encouraged by the energy that the new Minister seemed intent on bringing to his position and the command of the questions he showed. Pat McCormack said that while it was certain that he…

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As ANC and BPS payment dates loom, farmers told to check their Agfood accounts for Department contact


With the payment date for the Areas of Natural Constraint (ANC) only two weeks away and the BPS payment to be made on the 16th October, the Deputy President of ICMSA has called on the Department to issue all outstanding queries so that farmers can respond on time and ensure…

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Minister McConalogue told there’s no time for ‘Honeymoon Period’


The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, has welcomed the appointment of Charlie McConalogue to the position of Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and said it would be difficult to overstate the number and importance of the challenges facing the incoming Minister. “I’m afraid I don’t think there can…

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ICMSA want Minister Calleary to take “personal interest” in beef exports to China


The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Livestock Committee has urged Minister Calleary to “look at all the possibilities around re-starting beef exports to China”. Des Morrison said that not the least damage that recent events had inflicted on the farm and food sector was the halt to Irish beef exports to China…

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ICMSA’s Morrison says greater clarity needed from Dept on mechanical grading suspension.


The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Livestock Committee has said that farmers will be perturbed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s recent admission that so far this year the Department has suspended the mechanical grading in two factories and ordered those factories to revert to manual grading. Mr. Des…

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Minister Calleary hears that Govt “must make up” any cut in CAP


An ICMSA delegation headed by the Association’s President, Pat McCormack, met Minister Calleary at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine this morning (Fri, 24 July) to discuss current challenges and opportunities in Irish farming and the wider food sector. The ICMSA President insisted that in the event of…

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Milk Policy

ICMSA call for comparative data on new CAP funding – “Government will have to make good any reduction in CAP payments”


Reacting to what is still a very vague outline of the new funding arrangements, ICMSA President, Pat McCormack, said what was already clear was that agriculture has taken a hit compared to the previous programme period of 2014-2020 and it will be necessary for the Irish Government to supply three…

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ICMSA concerned that quest for overall EU funding deal is diverting monies away from farming and rural support


The President of ICMSA has expressed concern that in what he called the “understandable enthusiasm” for concluding a deal around overall EU funding that Irish farming and rural support will be sacrificed.    Pat McCormack said that while it was premature to call the matter absolutely, it did look suspiciously…

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