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In advance of meeting Taoiseach, ICMSA say farming areas “losing heart and trust” in Govt commitment.


Speaking in advance of today’s meeting between farm organisations and the Taoiseach, ICMSA Deputy President, Denis Drennan, said that urgent issues and challenges were “queued out the door, down the road and around the corner”. Mr. Drennan said that even veteran observers and commentators would struggle to remember a time…

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Minister’s assurances on voluntary aspect of Nature Restoration Act “in direct contradiction of published facts” – ICMSA


   The President of ICMSA has said that Minister’s McConalogue confidence that any farm rewetting envisaged under the Nature Restoration Act will be voluntary looks to be in “direct contradiction” of the terms of the Act as published.  Pat McCormack was commenting on assurances given by Minister McConalogue to journalists…

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ICMSA President says “dishonesty” around complaints on food inflation – “People today are spending less than their parents spent 40 years ago”.


   The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, has criticised what he described as a fundamental dishonesty that underpinned the current debate around food inflation and the reality that consumers are being ‘gouged’ on price by the corporate retailers.  Stating that from a producer perspective the multiple retailers have consistently abused their…

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ICMSA say factories’ feedlot option threatens winter finishing.


The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Livestock Committee, Des Morrison, has again expressed his concerns regarding Irish beef price. Mr Morrison said that comparison showed that “yet again” Irish prices were adrift of essentially similar markets, and he called on MII to furnish any kind of rational explanation for the differentials. “As…

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Unfairness Of Residential Zoned Land Tax Needs To Be Addressed  –  ICMSA.


The direct attack on individual farm families under the Residential Zoned Land Tax (RZLT) needs to be urgently addressed, according to ICMSA Business Committee Chairperson, Mr. Shane O’Loughlin or else, farm families will be forced to sell land that has been in their family for generations and in many cases,…

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ICMSA ‘warmly welcome’ EU Parliament ban on food commodities derived from deforestation – but stress verification


The President of ICMSA has warmly welcomed yesterday’s approval by the European Parliament of a law that will ban all importation of beef into the EU involved in any destruction of forestry.  Mr. Pat McCormack said that the law governing beef, soy, coffee, and other commodities was absolutely required against…

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ICMSA say linkage of Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme ‘disappointing and disconnecting’.


The Deputy President of ICMSA, Denis Drennan, has described the reservation of eligibility for the Traditional Farm Building Grant Scheme to farmers participating in ACRES, EIPs, Organic Farming Schemes, Hen Harrier, Peral Mussel and the Burren Projects as disappointing and disconnecting. Mr. Drennan noted that the linkage was arbitrary and…

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ICMSA demand ‘hold’ on milk price to halt ‘disastrous crossover’ into costs exceeding price


  ICMSA Dairy Chairperson,  Noel Murphy, has stated that while dairy markets are under some pressure at wholesale level which resulted in Co-ops imposing massive cuts to farm gate prices price in the first two months of 2023, it is time for these milk purchasers to show their mettle over…

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ICMSA say farmers supplying 400,000L to Lakelands on course to see 2023 income drop by €48,000.


The President of ICMSA has described the cuts in milk price announced since the start of the year as “absolutely horrendous” and noted that for a farmer supplying 400,000 litres to Lakelands, the drop in revenue for 2023 will be of the order of €48,000.  Pat McCormack said that this…

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ICMSA and International Women’s Day


The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, said that International Women’s Day gave everyone involved in Irish farming and the wider agri-sector an opportunity to simply acknowledge the fact that there would be no such thing as ‘Irish farming’ without the central role played by women. To our shame, that role…

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