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ICMSA launch ‘Guide To Election 2024’ – Essential handbook to agri & rural issues for farmers and candidates


  The President of ICMSA, Denis Drennan, has launched the association’s ‘ICMSA Guide To Election 2024’ at the Raddison Hotel in Limerick as the essential guide to agri and rural issues for both farmer voters and candidates in the run-up to the elections being held on 7 June.  Mr Drennan…

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ICMSA say concrete inflation and Mica levy pushing TAMS costings into ‘fantasy land’.


 The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Farm Business Committee, Pat O’Brien, said that the Association is being told that farmers are no longer even considering TAMS as the reference costings on which the grant is based move into the realms of fantasy.  Mr. O’Brien said wherever he goes in the state, he…

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ICMSA urge members with concerns to “engage early” with their banks.


Speaking following meetings with two of the main banks, AIB and Bank of Ireland, ICMSA’s Farm Business Chairperson, Pat O’Brien, has advised farmers who are worried about their farm finances to engage early with their banks and in a way that allows them the space and time any possible issues.…

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ICMSA welcome 5cpl Carbery ‘weather-related’ payment as “stressed and exhausted” farmers face months of bills


 Commenting on the round of March milk price announcements, ICMSA Dairy Chairperson, Noel Murphy, has welcomed the weather-related payments made by milk purchasers and Co-operatives and he particularly singled out the 5cpl payment from Carbery. “These weather-related bonuses are timely and very much needed by the Co-ops’ supplier members given…

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Revenue meet ICMSA on VAT reclaims – New ‘Guidance Document’ to follow setting out list of equipment and procedures.


Speaking following a further meeting with the Revenue Commissioners in relation to the reclaiming of VAT on certain items by unregistered farmers and the well-publicised difficulties being experienced by farmers over the last year on this matter, the President of ICMSA, Denis Drennan, said that the Revenue Commissioners have confirmed…

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ICMSA say positive ministerial signal on all TAMS Tranche 3 applications “counts for nothing” without formal approval.


Commenting on the announcement by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine that all TAMS Tranche 3 applications will be fully approved, the Deputy President of ICMSA, Eamon Carroll, said that while welcome, Minister McConalogue’s announcement counts for nothing without formal notices of acceptance being issued to the applicants…

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ICMSA welcome Crude Protein Exemption but want process simplified. 


The decision of the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine to provide an exemption to the 15% crude protein requirement after 15 April for farmers farming above 130kgs of N per hectare has been welcomed by the Deputy President of ICMSA, Eamon Carroll, who said that it was one of…

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ICMSA want monitoring role of Farmers’ Charter to ‘kick in’ and get going.


After more than 10 rounds of meetings negotiating the Farmers Charter of Rights Committee for 2023-2027, ICMSA’s Deputy President, Eamon Carroll, has called on the Minister to establish the Charter Monitoring Committee so the checking and measuring phase can begin. Mr Carroll noted that the substantive issues such as payment…

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ICMSA call for reconvening of National Fodder Committee this Friday as “unsettled weather” set to continue.


The President of ICMSA, Denis Drennan, has called for a further meeting of the National Fodder and Food Security to be held next Friday (5 April).   Mr. Drennan’s call follows forecasts of yet more unsettled weather running through next weekend and into the following week.     The ICMSA President said…

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As Nature Restoration Law gets “stuck again” – ICMSA call for complete reassessment.


The decision of the EU Environment Council not to proceed with a vote on the proposed EU Nature Restoration Act was absolutely correct and the continuing reservations about the excesses of the law must lead to a complete re-assessment of both the NRL and the ‘heavy-handed and one-sided’ EU Agri-environment…

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