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ICMSA’s McCormack attacks “deafening silence” on food inflation consequences of Climate Change policy


ICMSA President, Pat McCormack, has attacked what he called the “deafening silence” that has Government figures unwilling to note the certainty of food price inflation returning as climate change measures take effect  Mr. McCormack said that farmers would have noted the comments of various Government spokespersons around recent climate related…

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Farm Background

ICMSA point out that CAP was “never envisaged or designed” to lower emissions


Commenting on the EU Auditors’ report regarding CAP and climate emissions, the President of ICMSA,  Pat McCormack, said that those expressing shock and horror at the failure of CAP spending to lower agri-emissions obviously misunderstood the purpose and function of CAP. “If it wasn’t so serious, this kind of fundamental…

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Absence of recognition for farming in Climate Action Bill “grossly irresponsible and reckless” say ICMSA.


  The President of ICMSA has written to TDs expressing the association’s deep concerns in relation to the proposed Climate Action Bill and its potential impact on the Irish agriculture sector.   Pat McCormack explained that as the farm organisation most associated with Ireland’s unique family farm model, the organisation is…

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Embrace Farm Remembrance Service

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Stamp Duty

Current Government Policies A Threat To Commercial Family Farming. – ICMSA.


Speaking following a meeting with An Taoiseach, An Tanaiste, the Minister for Climate, Environment and Communications and the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine, the President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack said, that he is deeply concerned with the direction of current Government policy that represents a clear threat to…

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Farm Background

ICMSA say “impossible to work out logic” of removing dairying from TAMS


The President of ICMSA has said that he is alarmed and deeply concerned that the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine has not included dairy related investments in its proposals for farm investment grants under CAP Post 2020. Pat McCormack called on the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine to…

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ICMSA says Ireland must insist on exemption from convergence for Pillar I payments below specified level.


The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, said that the Irish family farm model would be critically undermined under the proposed CAP deal and Ireland will have to insist that Member States are given the necessary flexibility to address country-specific issues in any final deal, if we are to avoid that…

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ICMSA’S Deputy President Lorcan McCabe comments at recent TB Forum


Commenting on developments in relation to TB, the Deputy President of ICMSA, Mr. Lorcan McCabe said, that unfortunately, the levels of TB continues to increase, more farmers are being restricted and are suffering the severe consequences of such restrictions and unless the TB Forum addresses the root causes of this…

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CAP shaping up to be “not just neutral but worse” say ICMSA’s McCormack.


The President of ICMSA has said that the imminent CAP is shaping up to be “not just neutral but worse”. Pat McCormack said that based on the most up-to-date reports we were headed towards a situation where thousands of farm families across the entire country will suffer substantial cuts to…

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ICMSA’s McCormack warns Minister McConalogue against “sacrifice” of farming in Climate Action Bill


Speaking following a meeting with the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine, ICMSA President, Pat McCormack, has repeated farmer fears that hugely important elements of their sector could be sacrificed as part of the current Climate Action Bill.   Mr. McCormack told Minister McConalogue that farmers were perfectly prepared to play…

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