Des Morrison Enniscrone farmer and Chairperson of ICMSA Livestock Committee

On first anniversary of Chinese suspension of Irish beef imports, ICMSA wants an update on reopening.

As we approach the first anniversary of China’s suspension of Irish beef imports, ICMSA has requested a renewed effort towards a full reopening of that market. Des Morrison, Chairperson of the Association’s Livestock Committee, said that farmers and processors alike wanted to know how much progress had been made towards the full reopening that he said is categorically required.

“Next week marks a full year since the Chinese Government suspended beef imports from Ireland due to an atypical BSE case in a 14-year old animal.   At the time, and on several occasions since, we have been assured that the matter is progressing towards resolution and the re-opening that Ireland’s beef sector requires.   ICMSA does not think anyone can accuse farmers of being impatient on this question, but, at this stage, we think that an update is required and farmers need to hear from the Departments and Agencies concerned where the negotiations are at, and when we can expect the Chinese market to be re-opened to Irish beef?” said Mr. Morrison.

The ICMSA Livestock Chairperson stressed that farmers understood that – where talks are ongoing – it is difficult to be exact in terms of a reopening. But Mr. Morrison was confident that it should be possible to supply some picture of how matters were proceeding and when, approximately, the Irish sector could expect matters to be brought to a successful conclusion.

“We’d like to know because we need to know. We see this market reopening as a matter of priority”, said Mr. Morrison.

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