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Decision of HPRA on Antiparasitic Veterinary Medicines “A Retrograde Step” say ICMSA.

Commenting on the decision of the HPRA to introduce a requirement that from January 2022 all antiparasitic veterinary medicine products will require a veterinary prescription, ICMSA’s Deputy President, Lorcan McCabe, described the decision as a retrograde step that will add yet another layer of bureauracy and cost for farmers treating their animals.  

“At a time where there is such an emphasis on anti-microbial resistance and where farmers are making big efforts to reduce antibiotic usage, it is very disappointing that a further barrier and potential cost is being placed on farmers who take preventative measures to maintain the health of their animals by using antiparasitic medicines.  The system of regulation should be encouraging the appropriate use of such products as opposed to putting barriers in front of farmers and ICMSA is concerned that we’ll see the usual consequences of increased regulation: increased costs and a decline in the number of outlets where they can be purchased. From an animal health and AMR perspective, we think this decision goes in the wrong direction – it’s a retrograde step – and we’ll seek a meeting with the HPRA to voice our serious concerns and ask for a review of this decision”, concluded Mr. McCabe.

Ends      16 December 2019.

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