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ICMSA and International Women’s Day

The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, said that International Women’s Day gave everyone involved in Irish farming and the wider agri-sector an opportunity to simply acknowledge the fact that there would be no such thing as ‘Irish farming’ without the central role played by women. To our shame, that role had been – and was allowed to be – ‘behind the scenes’ with the role of women downplayed and stereotyped as ‘helping’. The truth was that very often it was the women on the farm who, quite literally, did ‘the heavy lifting’. It was they who might make the key decisions but had to hide behind contemporary attitudes and prejudices.  That had to change, said Mr. McCormack, and that change was long, long over-due. ICMSA would consciously try and promote the role of women farmers and women representatives within the association and would continue to participate in the Women in Agriculture Stakeholders Group.   

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