Denis Drennan Chairperson ICMSA Farm & Rural Affairs Committee - Copy (2)

ICMSA Committee want approval process for Calf Investment Scheme ‘speeded-up’

The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Farm and Rural Affair Committee has called on the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to speed-up the approval process for the heavily oversubscribed Calf Investment Scheme. Denis Drennan noted that many of the farmers who purchased equipment are now waiting for their approval, unaware of when it will arrive – if it arrives – and whether there will be a substantial reduction in the grant percentage. The prospects of engaging with this drawn-out process actually put many farmers off purchasing the equipment making labour issues on their farms so much tougher, said Mr Drennan, who pointed out that there is a logical solution to this problem: “The obvious thing to do to unblock the process is to increase the funding available and ensure that those who are successful in their application get their full 40% grant. This would immediately release pressure within the scheme and work through to ensuring that farmers could buy the calf-rearing equipment and continue to deal with their calves in the most efficient and to the highest welfare standard possible”, concluded Mr. Drennan.

Ends     26 February 2020

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