ICMSA say suspicions growing around fertiliser sellers’ reluctance to quote prices for orders

The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, has said that the association has been made aware of numerous cases where fertiliser suppliers have actually refused to quote enquiring farmers a current price for a specific volume.  Mr. McCormack said the practice was leading to speculation amongst farmers that – as the international price of fertilisers trended notably lower – that the Co-ops and other stockists were intent on selling their existing stocks at the previously higher prices. Mr. McCormack said that ICMSA had received several contacts from members recently where farmers intending to purchase and spread fertiliser in the coming weeks were refused specific quotes on their prices they would have to pay.

He said that farmers were absolutely entitled to know what they would be paying for a specific amount of fertiliser purchased on a specific date and the refusal of the sellers to confirm a price amounted to what he said was “an unacceptable hedge position being taken at the expense of the farmer”.

“Fertiliser stocks will be purchased over the next few weeks, and it won’t do for the sellers to be ‘humming and hawing’ and trying to delay taking new orders till they have their old stocks sold at the old higher prices. This is an unacceptable hedge position being taken at the expense of the farmer who must know that his fertiliser order has been taken, will be delivered and that he will be paying an exact amount. The Co-ops and all other fertiliser sellers are much better positioned to play a ‘wait and see’ game with international commodities like fertiliser than are individual farmers”, said Mr. McCormack.

Ends        8 February 2023

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