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“More important than ever” that BPS and ANC payments dates are met this year

Following the announcement by Minister for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine regarding payment dates for the BPS and ANC this coming Autumn, the Deputy President of ICMSA said that the key issue for farmers at this stage is that all farmers receive their payment on time and, in this regard, it is essential that the Department notify any farmers with a problem with their BPS application by 1 September as agreed under the Farmers Charter.  

“ICMSA acknowledges the progress made over the last number of years in terms of getting payments out on time. But this year of all years it’s more important than ever that every farmer needs to get his or her payment on time and for this to be achieved, any problems with applications must be notified immediately in order to give the farmer time to resolve the issue.  In light of the cashflow pressures on the beef side in particular, but also other sectors – and with Brexit pending – there are serious pressures on farmers and it is essential that the ANC payment is made as early as possible in September, the BPS payment on the 16th October and all other payments, including GLAS, to be paid as agreed under the Farmers Charter. We think that the Department should be proactive on this and actually text farmers an assurance that everything is in order and they can expect to be paid on time., said Mr. McCabe.

“Farmers have financial commitments to meet and the payment of various scheme payments on time is absolutely critical”, concluded Mr. McCabe.

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