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Support Scheme For Calf Rearing Welcomed But ICMSA Want Dairy Beef Production Incentive

Commenting on the announcement of a €1.5m support scheme for calf rearing designed to cover a 40% grant for computerised calf feeders, milk carts and calf pen dividers amongst other items, ICMSA President Pat McCormack welcomed the scheme but maintained that the scheme should be ‘demand-led’ with a fast-track approval system designed so that applicant farmers could be guaranteed approval within five days of application to ensure that the scheme can play a role in supporting the imminent calf-rearing 2020 season.  

“With an opening date of 7 January 2020 and with calving starting on most farms in mid to late January, it is essential that there is a rapid turnaround on approvals so that farmers have certainty in relation to the grant that they will receive. ICMSA understands that a farmer will be able to make the purchase on the date of application but this leaves a disquieting level of uncertainty as to whether the farmer will qualify for the grant or not and this is why a rapid approval turnaround is required so that the farmer can make the decision with certainty”, pointed out the ICMSA President before returning to a proposal that ICMSA has put to Minister Creed and which Mr. McCormack is confident “provides solutions to multiple questions”.

“Dairy beef production represents an opportunity for farmers but ICMSA firmly believes that an appropriate incentive is required to develop this sector. ICMSA has put a formal proposal to the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine to provide an incentive for dairy beef production, the Minister has funding available under Budget 2020 and we are firmly of the view that this funding is best utilised to develop a profitable dairy beef production system with significant benefits for the wider rural economy and the environment. We are convinced and have the evidence that sustainable dairy beef production is the solutions to multiple questions that require urgent answering”, concluded Mr. McCormack.

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