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ICMSA say clarity required “immediately” on 2021 CAP payments


The President of ICMSA has said that clarity is required immediately from both the EU and the Irish Government on the question of whether payments under all farm schemes will be at least maintained at current levels in 2021. Pat McCormack said this confirmation will provide farmers with a level…

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ICMSA President says people filming themselves doing stunts on farm machinery for social media is “an invitation to tragedy”


The President of ICMSA said that people driving tractors while filming themselves for upload onto social media platforms was “dangerous, irresponsible and had to stop”.  Pat McCormack said that he was appealing to these young drivers – specifically young men – to recognise the incredible dangers this practice represented and…

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ICMSA President says publication of EU’s ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy is “last chance” to rebalance food supply chain


  The President of ICMSA has warned that tomorrow’s announcement of the EU’s ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy represents what Pat McCormack called “a last chance” to preserve what’s left of the EU’s family farm system and wrest back control and direction of the EU’s Food Supply Chain from the retail…

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ICMSA Spring 2020 Newsletter


ICMSA Spring Newsletter 2020  

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ICMSA call for priority testing for workers in meat processing plants


The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, said that it is vital that a co-ordinated approach is taken to the Covid-19 issues in meat processing plants.  Mr. McCormack said that as an essential service delivering high quality food on a daily basis to consumers, priority testing and other supports should be made…

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ICMSA say April cut “frustrating” and say milk price must be “consolidated” starting next month


The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee said that farmer-suppliers would be left “frustrated” by the announcement of further cuts by Glanbia and Lakelands, but Gerald Quain was emphatic that this latest cut must be the last and there could be no question of a cut for May milk.   The cut…

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ICMSA say tomorrow’s EU Farm Council has to “straighten up, get serious and provide the support”


Speaking in advance of tomorrow’s EU Farm Council meeting, ICMSA President, Pat McCormack, said that he hoped and expected that the overwhelmingly negative and disappointed reaction to the EU’s derisory support of its farming sector thus far – a reaction that Mr. McCormack said was fully justified –  had concentrated…

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Cancellation of 2020 Ploughing – ICMSA share disappointment but “understand completely”


“Obviously we share the disappointment of everyone involved in farming, as well as the many thousands of the wider rural population who look forward to going to the Ploughing every year. But we understand completely the nature of the decision and the reasons behind it. It’s an essential part of…

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ICMSA querying “over-pessimistic” view on milk price – March price cut cost farmers €15 million


While fully recognising the impact of Covid-19 on dairy markets since mid-March, the Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee has queried what he said was the “over-pessimistic” outlook on milk price that was being advanced by certain commentators and bodies.  Ger Quain said that while it was obviously important that milk…

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Cows & Farm Background at Icmsa

Access to Finance and Welfare supports during COVID-19 for Farmers


Here are some practical steps, supports and guidance to help your farm business currently. Talk to your bank All the banks have announced that they will offer flexibility to their customers, and they may be able to provide payment holidays or emergency working capital facilities. A summary of the main responses…

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