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ICMSA’s McCormack says reaction of Farm Sector “practical and efficient but delivery required”


The President of ICMSA described today’s Conference Call between Minister Creed and the leaders of the state’s farm organisations as “practical and efficient” but he also identified key policy measures must be delivered immediately to stabilise food markets.   Pat McCormack said that decisions must be taken by the EU Farm…

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ICMSA Members – Covid-19 Update on farm issues.


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, ICMSA has put together a brief summary of the procedures that various farm related organisations are adopting. As you can appreciate the situation on the ground is changing rapidly and so this summary bulletin will be updated regularly and circulated throughout the outbreak. Organisation/Scheme…

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ICMSA Say McDonald’s Closures Underlines Need For Market Disruption Measures


The President of ICMSA said the decision by McDonald’s to close their chain of restaurants was not entirely unexpected and as the full extent of the total cessation of wider economic activity in Europe becomes evident, the EU Commission will be in a better place to judge where their support…

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Farmers “ready and happy to do our best” say ICMSA


  In light of the unprecedented challenges facing the country posed by Covid-19 and associated issues, the President of ICMSA has added his voice to those calling on all residents to heed the advice of the relevant state agencies and take the precautions deemed necessary at all times.  Pat McCormack said…

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Stamp Duty

ICMSA react to Taoiseach’s Statement – “Farmers already operate on co-operation, meitheal and the betterment of all the community”


The President of ICMSA said that the Taoiseach’s statement was accepted and would be accorded with by his own association and, he had no doubt, all other organisations, companies and individuals within the farming and wider agri-food sector. Pat McCormack said that farmers were completely at home with, and operated…

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ICMSA meet Sinn Fein on Farming and Rural Issues.


The President of ICMSA, Mr. Pat McCormack said that they had a “constructive and detailed meeting” with Sinn Fein yesterday on farming and rural issues with the farm organisation setting out what it felt to be the key issues requiring attention now and in coming years. “The challenges facing the…

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Milk Policy

CSO Agriculture Income Figures highlight pressures on farmers


The President of ICMSA has noted the significance of the fact that despite Irish farmers managing to produce 3.3% more in volume terms in 2019, they received 0.7% less in value terms for their efforts, Mr. Pat McCormack said that that fact alone highlights the ongoing pressures on farmers attempting…

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ICMSA President

ICMSA urge incoming Government to copy French and Spanish laws banning ‘below-cost’ retailing of food


The President of ICMSA has urged any incoming Irish Government to ‘catch the tide of opinion and fairness’ and make illegal retail practices that result in farmers selling their produce at a loss.  Pat McCormack cited the example of Spain, which just days ago introduced a law that has prohibited the…

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ICMSA calls on knackeries to resume collections and ‘simultaneous’ negotiations to open with Department


Commenting on the current dispute between the Fallen Animal Collectors Association and the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, the Deputy President of ICMSA, Lorcan McCabe, called on both parties to immediately engage in talks to resolve the issues between them and simultaneously the fallen animal collectors to resume their…

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Decades of River Mismanagement Responsible for Current Flooding. – ICMSA.


  The current flooding of houses, farm yards and farmland should come as no surprise to anyone and is as a result of decades of mismanagement of our river systems and it is totally unacceptable that families have to endure such mental and financial hardship according to Mr. Pat McCormack,…

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